Meeting of Creditors

After you file your bankruptcy case, you will receive a Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case from the Court. It will tell you the date and time of your Meeting of Creditors.

All Chapter 13 Meetings are held at the following location:

Ed Jones Federal Building
109 South Highland Ave.
Room 102
Jackson, TN 38301

When you arrive for your meeting, you will be checked in and asked to show verification for the below items. If you do not have them, then your meeting will be reset to another date.

Social Security Card
Photo ID

* Please provide proof of insurance to your attorney’s office before the day of the meeting if possible. Click here for more information.

Before your name is called for your meeting to be conducted, you will complete a questionnaire about your case which you must date and sign under penalty of perjury before your meeting can be held. This questionnaire will be part of the record of your meeting. Your attorney will be present for your meeting.

Below is the set agenda:

1. You will be sworn in by the Trustee or his attorney
2. You must state your name for the record
3. You will be asked questions and need to verify information
4. Creditors or their representatives will also have a chance to ask you questions

Meetings of Creditors are not court hearings. If there are issues involving your case, they may be identified at the meeting but may not be resolved then. The Trustee’s office is prohibited from giving legal advice.